Learn how running towards your struggles can help transform your life

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    “Grapple: engage in a close fight or struggle without weapons; wrestle.”

    My name is Andy Horning and I help people identify and embrace their inner struggle, create results, and ultimately re-write the story of their life. I was a relationship therapist for 15 years where I saw thousands of people come and go, and the one thing that stood out to me in every conversation was the inner struggle we all face as humans. Every one of us will at some point in our lives go through an inner conflict with ourselves whether it be relationships, work, family, friends, or our purpose. My goal is to help people identify and face that inner struggle so they can re-wire their brains and create a new story of their life.  I believe we need to go towards the conflict with courage, compassion and kindness, instead of running from it in fear.

    I live out my mission as the host of the Elephant Talk Podcast where we examine intimate relationships and dig deep into what real love is. I am also a teacher for the Hoffman Institute where we guide people through life-changing transformations and help them take action in their lives. This year, I am focusing on my new coaching programs for executive leaders, my upcoming keynote speaking engagements all over the country, and the launch of my new book “Awkwardly Courageous.”

    I invite you to connect with me on social media and follow along as we transform relationships, inspire transformation, and invent a new reality. 

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    Love, real love, in all of its raw, beautiful, dirty, confusing, funny, and sexy forms is what connects us. It’s the grittier aspects just as much as the beautiful aspects that make partnership wonderful.

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    Rewrite Your Story

    In relationships, we’re stuck. We avoid hard conversations. We lack basic skills. When two people talk, there are two truths that need to be merged. The problem is our lack of conversational skills force a polarity that doesn’t need to exist.

    Fragile people vs courageous people.

    Courageous people can own more than one truth at a time. They are present with their feelings. They are honest with themselves. When people share a truth, there is a deep knowing – THEY’RE RIGHT. When it fits, it’s freeing. Fragile people don’t stick with it. They bail early. Their capacity to manage discomfort sucks. We have over emphasized ease, and what we get is a life that’s the opposite.

    I am here to help you become Courageous so that you have the strength to really grapple with the inner conflict and come out the other side as the hero of your story.